Are you wondering what field hockey is about, do you have any questions about the gear or equipment, or do you want advise in purchasing your hockey outfit? You’ve come to the right address!

This site contains all you ever wanted to know about field hockey. But if your question still remains unanswered, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will point you in the right direction!

First, let’s give a short introduction about hockey!

What is hockey?

Hockey is actually the second largest team sport in the world, after football. It has been on the Olympic Games since London 1908, and it’s one of the few team sports with a growing membership in North-Western Europe!

How do you play it?

Like football, each team has 10 players and a goalkeeper. It’s played on an artificial grass field, and the ball is moved with a stick. Contrary to football, the coach has an unlimited number of replacements he’s allowed to make throughout the game, which allows for high-paced games!

Which equipment do you need for hockey?

The most important is the field hockey stick. It’s bound to certain measurements, and typically made from wood or carbon fibre. Fun fact, left-hand sticks are not allowed!

Besides a field hockey stick, rules require hockey players to wear a mouthguard and shin guards.

What hockey outfit do you need?

Next, a player needs a hockey outfit, this includes field hockey shoes and field hockey clothing.

From the field hockey outfit, the field hockey shoes are probably the most important piece of gear, after the stick field hockey. You need good grip, to change direction fast, they need to be lightweight to accelerate fast, and they need to protect your feet. And above all, your hockey shoes need to have an awesome fit!

The hockey clothing for regular players is typically a hockey jersey, shorts for men and skirts for women.

If you want to be a goalkeeper, you’ll need additional gear in your field hockey outfit, including a helmet, leg guards and kickers. On top, many goalkeepers also wear other protective equipment to protect groin, arms, legs, torso and neck.

Where does it come from?

The hockey game originated from England, in the nineteenth century, with the foundation of the first national hockey association in 1886. Despite being an Olympic sport since 1908, the International Hockey Federation was only started in 1924!

Ever since rules have been added and modified, teams have professionalised, and equipment became more advanced. In essence though, it’s still the same game!

Some final hockey tips!

Hockey is a professional and elegant team sport. It builds your communication, teamwork and physical skills, and provides a way to channel your competitive urges, here are some final tips before you start:

  1. Get yourself a good stick and shoes, as these are indispensable for success in the game!
  2. Find a club with a good training program, the best is to learn from others!
  3. Get yourself in shape, it’s fast-paced, you’ll need it!
  4. Enjoy, it’s a game, and a fantastic one!